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CCTV Designs & Installations

CCTV Designs & Installations

The CCTV system has reduced the use and hiring of the manual security guards, and at the same time the cost of security purpose has been reduced a lot. But, the first CCTV Designs & Installations cameras were with cord that is the reason; they have a lot of problems in time of the use of them. The power supply and all the signals that should be...
Nigeria · Lagos · Okota · February 17, 2018
Spine Tumor Removal Surgery in India

Spine Tumor Removal Surgery in India

metastasize (spread) via arteries, veins, the lymphatic system, and directly. A spinal tumor is a cancerous (malignant) or noncancerous (benign) growth that develops within or near your spinal cord or within the bones of your spine. Although back pain is the most common indication of a spinal tumor, most back pain is associated with stress, strain ...
Nigeria · Abia · Umuahia South · February 4, 2017
Scratch Cards Printing Company in Lagos, Nigeria

Scratch Cards Printing Company in Lagos, Nigeria

Our SCRATCH CARDS printing technology has helped various industrial segments to meet their marketing and promotional needs. We have also handled industrial printing for federal parastatals and corporate bodies. We are known for our superior customer service and excellent delivery. We are also proud to let you know that we are the ‘world class scrat...
Nigeria · Lagos · Lagos Mainland · February 12, 2016
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