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Art Administrator

Art Administrator

ARTS ADMINISTRATOR Arts administrators promote and organise artistic, musical or cultural events run by arts and cultural organisations, such as theatres, galleries, museums and festivals. Carrying responsibility for the day-to-day running of their organisation, arts administrators perform a wide variety of functions including marketing, PR and bud...
Nigeria · Nigeria · Lagos · November 29, 2016
information about the Art Industry news at Nillowpages

Information about the Art Industry news at Nillowpages

View profiles of popular Artists in Nigeria and book an appointment with the best artist using our directory completely free.
Nigeria · Lagos · Lagos Island · November 17, 2016
показ мод - это... Что такое показ мод?

показ мод - это... Что такое показ мод?

показ мод это: Смотреть что такое "показ мод" в других словарях: показ — ▲ ознакомление (с чем) ↑ с, образ показ (# мод) публичное ознакомление с каким л. образом. демонстрация публичный показ чего л. (# фильма). демонстрационный (# зал). парад. выставка постоянно действующий показ. выставлять (# на всеобщее… … Идеографический словарь русского язык...
QLD · Highland Plains · November 24, 2015
Branded Item

Branded Item

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Business Cards, Flyers, Banner, Posters, Website, T-shirt, Mugs. etc
Nigeria · Lagos · August 26, 2015
JOB VACANCY!!!!!!!!!!!

JOB VACANCY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you satisfied with what you are doing now, does your boss pay you enough? If you look at what you are doing now, will it help you realize your dream in 5 years from now? If not join me in this wonderful opportunity today to pursue your dream and in less than two years, you will turn out to be a huge success. A NEW INTERNATIONAL COMPANY BASED IN...
Nigeria · July 6, 2015
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