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Other Classes - Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy DMSS

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Published on November 22, 2017
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Description of item

Digital Marketing Sales Strategy DMSS - Overview and Intro

In this in-depth online Social Media course, learn the best practices for social media. Listen to your customers, as well as participate in a conversation with your customers. Master the in’s and out’s of social media as part of your larger Internet media strategy. Learn Facebook Marketing, Local Search / Google Places Marketing, Yelp Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing and more! The actual sequence of topics covered in specific sessions may vary somewhat, depending upon delivery format of the individual instructor.
Topics and Outline

Session 1 - Introduction and Basics
• Introductions & Course Overview
• Who Is Online & What Do They Do Online?
• What Do The Statistics Tell Us?
• How Does The Net Differ From Other Channels?
• Strategic Approach to Digital Marketing

Session 2 - Strategy & the Internet
• Understanding Strategy vs. Tactics
• Corporate vs. Online Strategy
• Comparing Leading Views Of Online Strategy
• Building Your Online Strategy
• What Is Online Advertising?

Session 3 - Web Site Best Practices
• Web Site Best Practices
• Navigation & Usability, Design & Presentation, Content, E-commerce
• The Components Of Building, Branding & Maintaining A Successful Site
• The Essential Web Site Checklist

Session 4 - Social Media, Conversations & Content
• What is Social Media?
• Classifications in Social Media Marketing
• The organization of Social Media Marketing
• Marketing Through Social Media: Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis, Video
• Social Networks, Online Communities & Virtual Worlds
• Conversation & Content Strategy

Session 5: Social Media Platform
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Google Plus
• Linkedln

Session 6 - E-mail Marketing
• E-mail Marketing Background & Strategies
• Building Lists & Permission
• Retention & Readership - Getting To the Inbox & Getting Read
• Inbox Effectiveness: Deliverability, Testing & Tracking

Session 7 – Search Engine: Getting Found Online

• The Importance & Power Of Search
• Search Engine Visibility
• Search Engine Marketing

Session 8 – Mobile Marketing
• Mobile landscape
• Stats & Research
• Mobile Tactics
• Audience engagement

Session 9 - Building Online Traffic
• What Is Viral, Buzz Marketing & Word-of-Mouth
• Media Allocations
• Cross-channel Marketing strategies

Session 10 - Web Analytics
• Using the Net for Business Intelligence
• Understanding Web Analytics & Behavioral Measurement
• Getting Feedback Through Your Site And Through The Web
• Knowing and Helping Your Customers
• Tracking and Analyzing Customer Actions
• Using Database Marketing & One-To-One Tactics In The Online World

Session 11 - E-Commerce & Applying the Online Marketing Toolkit
• Putting It All Together
• Testing and Optimization
• Understanding Metrics That Determine Success


Lagos Mainland
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